Transfiguration Theological Seminary 2017 – 2018 ACADEMIC YEAR

Undergraduate and Masters Degree Program Terms

2017 – Term 1:
Term Begins: Monday, September 11th
Term Ends: Sunday, November 5th
Praying with Power – BTH104: Monday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Teja Smith]
Christian Living – BTH106: Thursday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Gary Nelson]
2017 – Term 2:
Term Begins: Monday, November 6th
Term Ends: Sunday, January 21th
Starting and Leading a Small Group – BTH108: Monday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Cynthia Fullman]
Spiritual Warfare & Divine Healing – BTH309: Thursday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Gary Nelson]

(NO Classes during the weeks of Thanksgiving [11/20/17], Christmas [12/25/17] and New Year’s Day [1/1/18] holidays)

2018 – Term 3:
Term Begins: Monday, January 22nd
Term Ends: Sunday, March 18th
The Epistles of Paul, Part 1 – BTH302: Monday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Janice Coleman]
Study of the Book of Acts – BTH300: Thursday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Deacon Doris Robinson]
2018 – Term 4:
Term Begins: Monday, March 19th
Term Ends: Sunday, May 20th
Study of the Book of 1 Corinthians – BTH308: Monday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Elder Gary Nelson]
Preparing for Christian Ministry – BTH109: Thursday Evening (7:00-8: 45pm ET) --[Bishop Kelvin Brooks]

(NO Classes during Passion Week – [3/26/18])

Sunday, June 10th, 2018 – 4PM ET – TTS Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony Mount Hermon Baptist Church - 6132 West Jefferson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19151