Bachelor of Biblical Studies


Associates Degree or equivalent.


  • Minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Maximum Advanced Standing: 9 hours


TTS does not charge tuition based on credit hours. In order to remain sustainable, TTS charges a small processing fee for application (onetime $50), and learning assessment.

  • One-time Application fee: $50
  • Learning Assessment fee: $56 per course.
Textbooks NOT included

The cost of textbooks (average $20 - $25 per course) and are not covered in the fees listed above.

Required Courses

  • BTH300 Acts
  • BTH301 Old Testament Books of Poetry
  • BTH302 Epistles of Paul I
  • BTH303 Epistles of Paul II
  • BTH304 Romans
  • BTH305 Systematic Theology I
  • BTH306 Systematic Theology II
  • BTH307 Church History
  • BTH308 1 Corinthians
  • BTH309 Spiritual Warfare and Diving Healing
  • BTH310 Field Ministry
  • BTH401 Systematic Theology III
  • BTH402 General Epistles
  • BTH403 Revelation
  • BTH405 Genesis
  • BTH406 Old Testament – Major Prophets
  • BTH407 Old Testament – Minor Prophets
  • BTH408 Hebrews
  • BTH409 Biblical Preaching
  • BTH410 Christian Worship

Courses Description